September Fitness Roundup

I just realized I’m a week into October and never did a fitness roundup for September.


  • Total Distance = 66.44 miles! [August = 43.87, July = 41.98]
  • Average Daily Steps = 12,356 [August =9,972; July = 8,393]  
  • Weight = 131.8 lbs [August – 132.2]

I thought my running had gone way down, but nope.  At least not last month.  And my steps are up.  And I haven’t counted calories, have eaten very poorly (not that this is a good thing) and my weight is still around 132.  Let’s actually assess my September goals, shall we?

  • Continue my running training plan — I did this, for the most part!
  • Incorporate 2 speed workouts — I tried to do a fartlek run and that’s what caused a lot of sharp pains in my hamstrings and knee.  So, maybe going fast is not in the cards for me.
  • PT 3 times a week — Nope.  Am I ever going to achieve this?  Haha.  I guess I will once I prioritize it over running, doing dishes, and folding laundry.
  • Strength workout at least once a week — Not even a little bit.
  • Take a yoga class! — YES!  I have taken 2 classes and done 2 more at home.  Getting my yoga on has kept me in the running game.


Keep up my running in spite of new dog hobby!  Seriously, that half marathon is in a week and a half and I feel like I’ve lost a lot of cardiovascular stamina.

After the half marathon, start strength training and stop running.  Honestly.  My hamstrings, tendons, everything needs a good recovery.  I’m walking so much with the dog that I am burning calories, but I need to stretch and strength train to actually be in the shape that I want to.  That will be my focus from October 18th on.

My half marathon goal is to run it in less than 2:30.  My first one was 2:39 and I’ve trained a lot more for this one, but I haven’t trained any faster.  I think doing more and faster at the same time was dangerous for my injury prone legs, but I’m hoping that the more will equate to at least less walking, if not faster running.