Sunday Runday 10/11



  • RUNNING: 3 days, 11.8 miles X 


  • Monday 10/5 – 2 mile run, 22 min – So, my plan for the half is to run 2 miles at a time with short walk breaks in between (the last half I walked every 1 mile).  But, I had to stop 5 or 6 times to walk during this 2 mile run.  Now, I’m horrified.
  • Tuesday 10/6 – Nothing – mind you, when I say “nothing,” I really mean an hour walk before work and another hour walk before bed because…dog.
  • Wednesday 10/7 – PT & Stretch
  • Thursday 10/8 – 4.4 mile run, 48:17 – This was a solid run.  I barely stopped to walk at all and I fully tackled both hills (very slowly, but I didn’t stop!).  It was a good confidence booster.
  • Friday 10/9 – PT – Yeah I really screwed the pooch on doing yoga 3 times this week.
  • Saturday 10/10 – 5.3 mile run, 57:37 [10:50 pace] – This run was okay.  I accidentally overdressed because it felt cold in my condo out of the sun.  I also wore my Brooks motion control shoes, which are super heavy and unwieldy, so I almost tripped a few times and my calves are sore.
  • Sunday 10/11 – Yoga


1 Week until the Half Marathon!  That means bananas for breakfast, 2 runs this week (~3 miles each), 2 bottles of water each day, yoga!, stretching and foam rolling.  Really, there’s not much more to say!