Five Thing Friday

  1. I came down with another sinus cold this week.  4 days before the half.  Now I’ll get to run 13.1 miles with a sore throat and a cough.  Yippee!  Blech.  I stayed home from work on Thursday, the day after the sore throat started.  Usually, I wait til I’m really sick to stay home, but I think biting the bullet right away did me some good.  While I don’t feel 100%, I never really dipped below 70%, so that’s better than most times I’m sick.
  2. Reba is doing pretty well.  She does not like being left alone all day, and I feel bad, but we gotta work.  My neighbors revealed on Sunday when I ran into them that she’s been barking a lot during the day.  Since we’re not there, it’s really difficult to fix.  When we are there, she barks randomly at noises in the stairwell, but just one bark at a time – not excessive at all.  We know that she whines a lot for the first 5 or so minutes after we leave (it’s the saddest, sorriest whine).  We stopped crating her in the bedroom and started gating her in the kitchen.  I think she’s happier there, but now our kitchen looks deserted.  We have a wine rack with no glasses or wine in it because she’ll chew anything when left alone.  We also bought an anti-barking device that gets in today.  Apparently, it emits a high pitched, only dogs can hear, noise when it detects barking.  Hopefully that works!  We don’t have the money to cover the mortgage and doggy day care.
  3. I made out pretty well for my birthday.  Mostly gift cards, which is sort of annoying.  I’m so indecisive that I ask for, say, bathroom accessories in white, so that way someone else can pick them out.  Instead, I got a gift card to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I bought white and clear bathroom stuff with rope and twine accents.  Finally, the bathroom is a grown up bathroom, not half dinosaur (not that I didn’t love the dinosaurs).
  4. I’m actually doing well in Fantasy Football this year — Devonta Freeman was the best decision I ever made.
  5. October is the best!  This was just on my walk to work in front of the prettiest church I’ve ever seen!  wpid-20151016_081120.jpgwpid-20151016_081216.jpg

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