Sunday Runday 10/18


  • RUNNING: 3 days, 18 miles  ✔


  • Monday 10/12 – Hello, relaxation!  While I’m opposed to celebrating Columbus because he did NOT discover America, I’ll take my days off wherever I can get ’em.
  • Tuesday 10/13 – 2.4 miles, 1 hour – Yeah, you read that right.  I tried to get Reba to run with me.  It did NOT work.  She ended up totally giving up on walking, let alone running, which left me picking up a 50 lb. pit bull by the harness and carrying her down the street (much to the amusement/concern of people leaving for work).  What an asshole.  While this shouldn’t count for a run, it was definitely a work out, and I did get a couple sprints in.
  • Wednesday 10/14 – 3.4 miles, 36 minutes – My last run before the half definitely made up for yesterday’s hour long debacle.  It was a run that didn’t feel right from the beginning, but I pushed through at a decent pace anyway.
  • Thursday 10/15 – 20 squats – I woke up with a sore throat yesterday, and a bad sinus cold today, so I stayed home from work and mostly hung out on the couch all day.  Of course, over a mostly injury-free training cycle, I get sick 4 days before the race.
  • Friday 10/16 – Post-Run YogaAfter a day on the couch, I did not realize how tight I would be.  I have to find time for another  yoga session tomorrow.  The FILs (Future In Laws) are in town this weekend, so that’s unlikely, but I gotta.  Seriously, my hammmmstrrrriiiiiinggggs.
  • Saturday 10/17 – Instead of doing yoga, I went to 3 different breweries with the FILs.  Smuttynose was the best brewery tour!  I did stretch before bed, so that’s something.
  • Sunday 10/18 – Race Recap coming tomorrow!


Zero.  Zero goals for the upcoming week.  I’ll get in my cardio by walking the dog.  I’ll also do my best to watch what I eat…right after I claim my free birthday sundae from J.P.Licks!