Five Thing Friday

  1. I ran out of my Origins eye cream this week and need a new one, but don’t want to spend $25+.  I’m not opposed to drug store ones, but it seems like they’ve gotten really expensive and I’d rather spend $30 on a Sephora brand than $18 on a CVS brand.  BUT, I think I need to get over that bias and just save the $12.  lol  I don’t even have wrinkles, so I don’t know why I’m so pretentious about eye cream.
  2. I’ve placed quite a few Amazon orders since adopting Reba and the other day I wanted to throw in something for myself, so I bought the cutest ring for only $20:
    Sterling Silver Pave CZ "X" Criss Cross Long Ring Although, buyer beware, go a size up or you get sausage casing fingers.
  3. At the half marathon last weekend, FH wasn’t able to watch most of it because Reba was shivering outside, so I got to buy a dog jacket!  TJMaxx/Homegoods had the best and cheapest selection, even compared to online retailers.  wpid-20151021_184115.jpg
  4. Speaking of the dog, I totally miss her during the day and worry about her and want to hug her and cuddle her and look at her all day.  I’m way less productive at home, even if you only consider the time I’m home doing noting (not walking her, feeding her, training her) because I’m totally obsessed with her.  ❤ Unconditional Love
  5. #HumbleBrag – I still can’t believe Baystate time.  If I can run it in 2:15, then I can probably run it in 2, right?  Probably not, but it’s worth dreaming.  I refuse to pay $15 for the digital print of this (sorry, photographer, but that’s ridiculous), but here is a very determined Briana running a half marathon!Picture1

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