Sunday Runday 10/25


  • RUNNING: 0 days, 0 miles  ✔
  • PHYSICAL THERAPY: 0 days ✔ 

In case you missed it, I ran a half marathon last week with a sinus infection and fucking killed it!  Haha.  So, my goals were to do nothing, and I actually did slightly more than nothing.


  • Thursday 10/22 – Workout 1 from My Goodness Blog’s 7 Week Core Challenge – I don’t think I’m partaking in the challenge, but I did bookmark for quick and easy core workouts.
  • Saturday 10/25 – Hiking! – We brought the dog on an easy (re: flat) ~3 mile hike.


I’ve been thinking a lot about what my next fitness move will be.  I struggle with eating healthy and properly portioned meals.  Therefore, I must exercise to at least maintain the shape I’m in.  (I must exercise and eat healthy to improve the shape I’m in, but that’s something for another day.)

I have no races to train for, nor do I want any right now.  And I really want to work on muscle definition.  It’s reasonable to strive for exercising 4 days per week (with the expectation that sometimes is only 3x) and I do still want to do physical therapy twice a week because I like running, but what do I do with those 4 days per week?

Strength-wise, I want to keep a focus on my glutes, hips, and legs because I don’t want to lose all the fitness I’ve gained training for the half.  I also want to do more full body workouts (hello, Jillian Michaels) and ab workouts.

And then where does yoga fit in after all that?  My biggest struggle right now is fitting in all the things I should do into the 4 days I know that I can commit to.  If I “book” myself for 6 days, I’m just setting myself up for failure/disappointment.

I’m going to think more about it and come up with a more comprehensive plan, but for this coming week my goals are:

  • Workout days = Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • 2 at-home workouts
  • 2 runs
  • 2 PT sessions



One thought on “Sunday Runday 10/25

  1. You could try focusing on strength training! It’s what I focused on when I was out with an injury, but I’m still focusing on it now I’m back. The plan is to make as many strength and muscle gains before my mileage for marathon training gets significant. (My best guess is I’ve got about 6 weeks!) There’s something really satisfying about squatting and deadlifting and it’s great for your leg strength 🙂

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