Make Up Monday – October Ipsy Bag

Pleather and gold bag – I actually threw this out.  It felt sticky and tacky and was much smaller than usual.

  • Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum ($24 for the full size) – I failed to realize that serum = oil (pre-coffee ingestion, so I think I’m forgiven?) and spilled some on my new white bathmat.  You have to hold this bottle upside down and turn over quickly in your hand.  It has no instructions, so I don’t know if I’m suppose to use this at bedtime, as a moisturizer, in the shower….IDK, I never use oils!  It smells nice, though.  lol
  • Beauty Without Cruelty Lotion ($12 for full size) – Pretty standard lotion.  Same as Lubriderm or anything like that.  They tell you on the back to add essential oils of your choice to make it scented which is pretty cool.
  • Aurora Gel Effect Nail Lacquer in Inky Dinky ($9) – Brownie points for a cool name!  Great dark color.  Good application and coverage.  However, I assumed “gel effect” meant that it doesn’t chip.  I was wrong.  Chips on the ends of each nail within an hour.  Will use top coat next time.
  • The Balm Meet Matte Hughes liquid lipstick in Committed ($17 for full size) – This sample is teeny tiny – which is good because I don’t like it.  Nice, inoffensive color, but I hate the drying liquid lipsticks.  They make my lips feel like rough patches of skin and they tend to fade out to a crispy line around the outside.  Trash.

    new phone did not improve my selfie game

    yeah, this is me trying to take a picture of lipstick…deal with it

  • Royal & Langnickel Medium Eye Shader ($3)- Apparently this company makes paint brushes AND make up brushes, which is a cool portfolio diversification.  I’m not picky about brushes – this one is fine.  I just wish it was smaller.

Total value if full size is $65 and I threw out both the lipstick and the bag itself.  Starting to consider canceling this subscription.  Especially with added dog expenses.

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