I ironed my clothes!

Come one, come all with your gold star stickers. I am a functioning adult!

I didn’t meal plan at all this week, but I did pick out my clothes! My mornings are increasingly limited due to dog walking and I’ve been wearing the same few things for awhile. So, I set aside time on Sunday, picked out my clothes for the week, ironed everything that needs ironing (a big deterrent to wearing many items) and put together some sweet outfits.

MONDAY [forgot to take a picture in the morning, so you’ll have to settle for the bathroom stall at work…gross, I know]

Purple button down, grey sweater, black peplum skirt

Purple/black ombre platform heels

TUESDAY [this was my favorite]


Grey, beige, black maxi with black suit jacket and grey leather booties.



black sweater, black & yellow striped tank, grey slacks, and yellow sperry’s (once I got to work…I’m wearing yellow asics in the picture for my commute)

THURSDAY [Game Day = work appropriate Patriots stuff]


patriots scarf, white sweater, shitty picture because I’m walking in the rain holding my phone, coffee and umbrella


red dress and matching rainboots to continue the red, white and blue theme!



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