Make Up Monday – Purple Smokey Eye

This look uses the light, shimmery purple on the lid, and the dark, merlot purple in the crease.  Both are from the Make Up For Ever palette (reviewed here).  Add some black eyeliner, a soft highlight under the brows, and mascara and you’ve got a softer, work-appropriate smokey look.


Sunday Runday 11/29


  • Day 23 – 29 of the November Core Challenge 
  • Run 10 miles X – I only ran once for 3.4 miles.
  • 2 PT sessions X – Did 0 PT.


  • Tuesday 11/24 – Day 23* + 24 of November Core Challenge – Not gonna lie, I barely tried to hit this 2.5 minute plank, but I did do 2.5 minutes worth of planks.
  • Wednesday 11/25 – Day 25 + 26 Core Challenge – Not sure how my neighbors below or my boobs like the high knees, but by abs are digging them.
  • Thursday 11/26 – 3.4 mile run in 37 minutes – The whole thing felt like a struggle, but it was my first run in 3 weeks, so that’s to be expected.
  • Sunday 11/29 – Day 27 + 28 + 29 – This was a little much for one day, but I broke it up.
    • *Rest Day


  1. Finish the Core Challenge with Day 30
  2. Start the next challenge (I believe it’s a full body one, so that should be good!)
  3. Physical Therapy twice
  4. Run twice



Make Up Monday – Blue on Blue

I was feeling creative the other day and lined my eyes with a dark blue eyeliner from Sephora [review] and the light turquoise (actually called Blue Hawaiian) Eyetini eyeliner [review].

I used the Sephora eyeshadow I bought recently in Blonde Ambition to highlight, then I used Toasted Almond from the Sephora Dreams palette across my lid (this is a very Sephora brand heavy post…you’re welcome for the free publicity).

Then I lined with the dark blue and the light blue over it.  Topped off with curled eyelashes and black mascara.

Sunday Runday 11/22


  • Day 14 – 22 of the November Core Challenge 
  • 1 PT sessions X


  • Monday 11/16 – Days 14 & 15 of November Core Challenge – Umm, Day 15 is a 2 minute plank.  At first I was like, that’s it?  Then I started doing it and it ended up being 2 1-minute planks.  Have I mentioned I hate planks?
  • Tuesday 11/17 – Day 16 – This is definitely getting harder.  Today was 40-each of high knees, russian twists, and bicycle crunches.  My knees pop on each bicycle crunch which make those extra unpleasant.
  • Wednesday 11/18 – Day 17 & 18* + PT – Hey, whaddya know, another 2 minute plank.  I made it to 1:10 before dropping to my knees, but I didn’t actually take a break, so that’s something?
  • Friday 11/20 – Day 19 + 20 – Well these are getting harder.
  • Sunday 11/22 – Day 21 + 22 – Still on track!  And I can actually see some abs when I flex really hard.  lol
    • *Rest Day


  1. Keep up with the Core Challenge!  Days 23 – 29
  2. Physical Therapy twice
  3. Run again! 10 miles total on the week (preferably 5 of them Thanksgiving morning to combat the impending slaughter on my diet)