Sunday Runday 11/1


I don’t know if I set my goals too easy, or if I was just really determined this week, but for the first time (I think) since I started Workout Wednesday Sunday Runday, I actually met all my goals!

  • Workout days = Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • 2 at-home workouts
  • 2 runs
  • 2 PT sessions


  • Tuesday 10/27 – 3.3 mile run, 10:48 pace – My first run since the half and it was…okay.  The first mile and a half was smooth, the last one was a little stilted.
  • Wednesday 10/28 – Full Body + Arms Workout – I like that these workouts are quick and simple, but leave me sore the next day.
  • Thursday 10/29 – Full Body + Abs Workout
  • Friday 10/30 – PT
  • Saturday 10/31 – 6.13 mile run, 11:18 pace – This wasn’t the greatest run.  I put on my Brooks motion control shoes because my hips were giving me issues on past runs and while, yes, they do help my overall alignment, they leave my feet sore and my calves really sore.
  • Sunday 11/1 – PT



As I said last week, I’m in a little bit of workout limbo.  For the past year, running has been my main goal.  This time last year, I was rehabbing tendinitis issues and just starting a very slow return to running program.  Then, I sprained my ankle after I had signed up for my first half marathon, so I spent awhile rehabbing that.  Then training for the race, then training for my second half marathon.  It’s been awesome, but I can’t just run half marathons all the time.  Partially because I’m injury prone, partially because I want to be in better shape than just running shape and when I’m focused on running, I tend to let the rest fall away.

A November Core Challenge was just posted over at The Goodness Blog, and I’m going to participate!  My goal is to do 5 days per week.  I know that’s not really doing the challenge, but it gives me enough to focus on without it feeling like a huge burden.  I’d also like to keep running and I’m setting that goal at 40 miles per month.

  • Days 1 – 5 of the Core Challenge {Planning on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday}
  • 2 runs {Planning on Tuesday and Saturday}
  • 2 PT sessions {Planning on Wednesday and Friday}



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