I got my wedding dress!

I believe I’ve told you that I ordered it, but that was a few months ago and it finally came in. I picked it up and it’s actually chillin in a bag in my closet right now! [Side note: I need an extra closet for all the wedding stuff I’m about to amass.]

The thing actually fits, too!  I had to determine my own size, since it was just your average bridesmaid dress order, and my measurements fall into 3 different size brackets.  If I went with my waist measurement, I would have ordered a size 12.  I ended up going with an 8, since that’s my usual dress size, and I can zip it!  If this were just your everyday dress, I wouldn’t even get it altered.  Since it’s my wedding dress, there’s a few things I want.  The straps are a smidge long.  The seam on the boobs goes to too much of a point at the nipple, which can make for awkward pictures – just ask Anne Hathaway:

I want them to add clips underneath the straps to clip in my bra straps.  AND, last but not least, I want the v-neck deepened.  Since I’m pretty flat chested, I can go pretty low without looking trashy.

All those alterations, while they sound like a lot, they are superfluous.  The dress is pretty perfect.  I wanted to express how great Bella Bridesdmaids were.  Very low key, tons of selection, enthusiastic, honest, non-judgmental.  The whole process was exactly as laid back, but still professional, as I wanted it to be.  Despite that they’re a chain store, the woman who did my appointment sent me all my follow up emails, was very personal and I felt like she remembered months later when the dress came in.  Overall, it was a wonderful experience.  My dress came to just under $200, so if that’s in your budget for bridesmaid’s dresses, I highly recommend them!

I also got my veil and belt in the mail.  I ordered both on Etsy for a whopping total of $65.  Big spender, I know.  The belt is beautiful, pearl and crystal design on an ivory ribbon.  However, I kind of like the dress better without it.  I don’t know.  We’ll see.  I need to try everything on in front of my friends so I can get a full length non-selfie photo.  I’m also not sold on the veil.  It seems too poofy.  I have it squashed under a book right now.

P.S. No pictures of the dress, sash, veil, etc. will go up because the FH “wants to be surprised” but here’s the link to the dress, if you’re curious.  I got it in electric blue.  The color is dead-on perfect in some lights, but in some it looks a little purple-y, which may be disappointing, but hopefully the photographer will be able to bring out the blue!