Five Thing Friday

  1. Do you ever put on an outfit and then realize you like nothing you’re wearing?  I know some days it’s just because I’m not feeling it, but sometimes I think, “I’m only wearing this because I own it, not because I like it.”  That happened to me today.  Grey sweater that ties in a bow in the front.  It was a gift.  I don’t like it, but it’s neutral, fine, inoffensive.  But, if I don’t like it, I should get rid of it.  It also happened with the dress I’m wearing.  Light purple maxi dress from Old Navy.  I like it, but it’s too low cut to wear without a tank top underneath and too long to wear without 4″ heels.  So, on my walk to work and up stairs I have to hold it up with one hand.  It’s just not worth it.  This outfit is going to Goodwill when I get home.
  2. For the past few years, I’ve been really careful to use the same brand and color of hair dye.  I used to just choose whichever dark brown was on sale, but since I started only touching up my roots in an effort to have healthier hair and after a bad run in with Revlon, I’ve stuck with Garnier Nutrisse in Dark Chocolate or Truffle.  It was on the cheaper side, had alluring color names, and a good avocado oil based conditioner that left my hair feeling healthy.  However, last time I went, neither color was available to I grabbed something similar in L’Oreal Feria. And I LOVED IT!  The color is much more vibrant and rich and natural looking, not a flat overall brown.  I just wish I could remember exactly what color I grabbed…oops.  It was either Deeply Brown, Rich Mahogany, or Deeply Bronzed Brown….or Medium Brown.  Ugh, why didn’t I write it down?!?!
  3. I picked out and ironed my clothes on Sunday again.  It’s not that it even saves that much time in the morning (I just grab whatever and get dressed), but it does mean I dress nicer and more put together everyday (except that today I hate everything…see #1).  AND because I’m ironing, I wear a lot more of my clothes than I normally do.
  4. #3 leads me to one of my pet peeves.  Any time I wear a nicer dress to the office, someone asks me, “Big date, tonight?” and if I wear a blazer, it’s “Important day, today?”  Like, I hate that.  It implies that I don’t dress nicely other days AND that I need an excuse to dress nicely.  Fuck you.  If you like what I’m wearing, just say so.  Why can’t I wear something nice without it being for other people??  Grrrr.  (yes, I know, I’m probably being over-sensitive, but it’s happened FOUR times in the past 10 work days)
  5. RueLaLa sent out a midnight sale a week or so ago.  All boots $89.95!  I was sleepy and in my pajamas and I only had an hour to decide if I wanted to buy something.  Since all my info is saved in RueLaLa (I really should change that), I just had to click one button, “Quick! Buy it!”  Sure enough, I clicked the button.  Surprisingly, I do not regret it.

    Currently selling for $140 on..>EBAY

    Seriously these boots are amazing!  They are Timberlands and the bottom is rubber, so they don’t sound like a horse on hardwood floors.  They zip of the side and they’re super comfortable.  Definitely worth it!