Selective Reading

I use Feedly and WordPress reader for my daily reading. Feedly is a nice phone app that brings in a variety of feeds, not just blogs. On mine, I follow Deadspin, Thought Catalog, Hungry Runner Girl, Style Me Pretty, Offbeat Bride, and Wedding Chicks. It’s easy to skim past the first 2 because I’m only interested in reading 1 out of every 10 articles, so even though they post 30+ a day, it’s a quick feed to catch up on. Hungry Runner Girl only posts 1-2 times a day, so that’s easy. Then, there’s the last 3. All wedding blogs featuring beautifully styled shoots, designer collections, engagement sessions, professionally planned weddings, quirky personal weddings. Combined they also post 20-30 articles a day and I love them all. Weddings, decor, beauty and fashion are ALL interesting to me. But…sometimes they make me feel bad. I don’t have the time, money, or energy to plan a wedding worthy of being featured in any of those sites. This feeling is akin to Pinterest envy. On Monday, I had 14 unread wedding posts and was just not in the mood for it.  Pink, gold, glitz beach wedding?  I hate gold AND beach weddings.  Why to I feel obligated to read that?

Instead of saving them for later, I found freedom. I was hesitant at first (What if I missed something that would make my wedding the most special?! Ahhh FOMO), but I quickly took the plunge and clicked ‘Mark All As Read’…even though I didn’t * gasp * read them. It was so freeing.



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