Five Thing Friday – TV Addition

5 shows I’m digging right now…

    1. Master of None on Netflix
      Aziz Ansari is adorably funny and sarcastic.  This is like a more mainstream version of Girls…with guy leads.
    2. Casual on Hulu
      SO GOOD!  Mom with teenage daughter is getting divorced and living with her single, tech mogul brother who created a Tinder-esque app and is a commitmentphobe, but just hasn’t found the right one.  I know the whole thing sounds cliche, but it’s edgy (there are boobs!) and really smart and funny.
    3. The Affair on Showtime
      This show gives you half the show from one person’s perspective and half from another’s.  It really makes you work to figure out what the “truth” is since the personal versions differ so much.  You never actually know the truth, but that doesn’t matter because most of the interest in the show is in the subtle differences.  He idolizes her and remembers her wearing a tight, sexy dress; meanwhile, she’s feeling shitty and remembers herself wearing a baggy, old dress.  That sentence sucks and doesn’t do it justice.  The whole things is filled with excellently nuanced performances and subtle tension all around.  Also, I watch this entirely for Maura Tierney who didn’t even start out as a main character, but could carry this by herself.
    4. Below Deck on Bravo
      Bring on the crazy!  I LOVE “reality” TV and nothing can beat Kate’s one-liners.  Check out her font personality guide.
    5. Awkward on MTV
      This show is an absurd exaggeration of high school, with a really good heart and great characters.  I also have a girl crush on Jenna.