November Fitness Roundup


  • Total Distance = 6.21 miles [October = 50.63, September = 66.44]
  • Average Daily Steps = 9,388  [October = 13,107, September = 12,356]  
  • Weight = 132.2 lbs [October = 133.4, September – 131.8]

My first goal was to complete 20 of the 30 days of My Goodness Blog November Core Challenge.  I actually completed all 30.  I liked that each day was only 5 minutes or so of exercises.  It definitely wasn’t a full workout, but a challenge to add to your normal routine.  And let me tell you, it was a challenge for me to complete 30 days of ab exercises.

My second goal was to run 40 miles.  Welp, we know how that turned out.  Nonexistent.  Most of my time off was recovering from cough and cold, but I also just don’t have the drive to get up and run before getting ready AND walking the dog.

My third goal was to eat healthy.  Hahahahahaha.  The only positive thing I can say for this is that we’ve been cooking at home more.  Albeit, one night we fried chicken thighs and green beans (yes, it was fucking amazing).


The month of December poses a lot of challenges to most goals people have – weight loss, saving money, exercising regularly, getting more sleep.  I wanted to acknowledge that anything you do in December is a victory.  There are holiday parties that keep you up late, hungover the next day, 3 pounds heavier with no time or motivation to exercise.  There’s the gifts.  Oh the gifts.  The number of divorces and second and third and fourth marriages in my family mean I have to give more and more gifts.  How much is an acceptable amount to spend on a gift?  $25?  That’s sort of a cheap gift, right?  But multiply that by 15 and I’m at $375.  That’s more than I save in a month!  UGH.

Okay, done complaining.  My point is that it’s important to consider the circumstances and not strive to achieve everything you did last month, only to be disappointed because of all the outside influence.

As I stated in my Sunday Runday post this week, I want to start running more consistently.  I think instead of setting out to do 3-4 miles each time after 3 weeks off, I need to be cool with 1-2 miles.  It’s more than nothing!

My other main goal is to complete My Goodness Blog’s December Full Body HIIT Challenge.

Fuck eating healthy over the holidays…eating dinner dining family dinner animals