Sunday Runday 12/6 and 12/13



  • Monday 11/30 – Day 30 of Core Challenge – 3 minute mother fuckin plank.  I actually did the full 3 minutes, but alternated from knees to feet.
  • Wednesday 12/2 – Day 1 +2 of Full Body Challenge
  • Thursday 12/3 – 1.5 Mile Run in 15 minutes + Day 3 – These are the kinds of runs I need to start back up with.  Somehow, a mile and a half was long enough to challenge me, but short enough to build my confidence.  How I did 13 miles 6 weeks ago, I have no idea.
  • Wednesday 12/9 – Days 4, 5*, and 6 of the Challenge – Catching up!  This has a lot of jumping which may be a little dicey with downstairs neighbors.  Our living room is over their bedroom and our office is over their baby’s bedroom.  The only viable room (without waking up FH) is the kitchen, but things jingle jangle in there, so I dunno.
    • *Rest Day


  1. Catch up on December challenge! It’s December 13th and I’ve only done 6 days of the challenge…less than half!! It’s not enough to keep talking about my goals without addressing why I haven’t been meeting them. One change I can make is getting up on time. I’ve been snoozing until the very last minute leaving me with barely enough time to walk the dog, let alone exercise. And obviously the dog gets priority. So, if I get up on time, it will leave me enough time to exercise – voila!
  2. Physical Therapy twice
  3. Run once


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