Review of Recipes I’ve Made this Holiday Season


  • Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potatoes – These were a hit!  AND I had left over sweet potato to roast as a side for dinner.  Just don’t forget the maple syrup as dipping sauce!  The only thing I hate about making them is how hard it is to chop raw sweet potato.  I broke a few toothpicks trying to assemble them.
  • Coconut Pecan German Chocolate Pie – Also a hit!  Super rich and tastes like a candy bar (like an Almond Joy, but with pecans instead of almonds).  Seriously, though, SO GOOD.  A tiny piece even satisfied my sweet tooth.

Work Holiday Potluck

  • Red Velvet Fudge Pie – The fudge topping was delicious, but boxed red velvet cake mix?  Not so much.  And the pie crust was nothing more than kitsch.

Friend Christmas Party

  • Honey Maple Roasted Carrots – Everybody was making heavy stuff: desserts, coq a vin, stuffed shells.  So I wanted to contribute something to lighten the load.  Also something that my GF, DF friend could eat. They ended up being pretty good, though they had a lot of competing flavors (thyme, pomegranate, maple, honey, sesame) and I wish they were more maple and sesame. All the competing flavors also meant buying a lot of ingredients.

Work Holiday Party

  • Chocolate Eggnog Cupcakes – Yum!  These are very chocolate-y (possibly because I used dark chocolate cocoa powder) and spicy (lots of nutmeg), but the eggnog flavor gets a little lost.  Regardless, they bake beautifully – soft, springy, light, rich cake.  I would definitely make again.  The only issue I encountered was that the recipe was only for 6 cupcakes.  I tripled it to make 18.  I only had enough ingredients to double the frosting the recipe, but it made enough to frost 36 cupcakes.