Sunday Runday 12/20



  • Monday 12/14 – PT and Days 7 & 8 – I don’t remember the last time I did PT and it certainly felt like it.  Oi.  As for the full body challenge, I’m chipping away at it 2 days at a time.
  • Tuesday 12/15 – Days 9, 10*, & 11 – I still have to do 2/3 of the push ups on my knees, but for the planks I’ve been staying on my feet.  Day 11 called for a 2 minute plank.  I made it to 1:17 before stopping for a few seconds (and stopping the clock!  I’m no cheater) and then resumed the remaining 43 seconds in full plank position.  This has to get easier at some point, right?
  • Wednesday 12/16 – Days 12 & 13
  • Thursday 12/17 – Days 14, 15*, & 16
  • Sunday 12/20 – Days 17, 18, 19 & 20* and PT – Soooo, I took a few days off, but I caught up!  With the help of a REST DAY on the 20th.
    • *Rest Day


Well, this last week I lowered my running goal to once, instead of two times in the week and I still didn’t meet it.  Due to travel, my time for the upcoming week is going to be limited, so I’m going to focus on getting as much done as possible Monday – Thursday and then running once while I’m with the future in-laws.

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