Sunday Runday 12/27



  • Monday 12/21 – Days 21 & 22 – Because I’m traveling for 5 days, I’m working ahead on the December challenge.
  • Tuesday 12/22 – 2.8 mile run, 10:58 pace – My first run in 3 weeks.  There was a lot of stopping, but overall it wasn’t too bad.  Plus, I got to wear my new tank from Hungry Runner Girl!

    p.s. I really love taking pictures of myself at 5:30AM with last night’s make up on…oh well


  • Wednesday 12/23 – Days 23 – 26 + PT


I was on a roll.  Then Christmas hit and travelling and it was all over.  My only goals for the upcoming week are to finish the December Challenge.  I’ll have plenty for the new year!

My Goodness Blog’s December Full Body HIIT Challenge



One thought on “Sunday Runday 12/27

  1. I love your shirt!!! Great workouts!!! And I hear ya about December. I have decided that I am only going to plan to make progress for 11 months in 2016. It is impossible to make any progress in December without coming across like the Grinch so I am just going ahead and giving myself a break to at least keep from feeling guilty about it lol.

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