Texas Recap – The Good Things

  • Saturday, I got to watch my sister’s (let’s call her R) pole vaulting meet.  She’s almost 17, but still weighs 98 lbs, but is really good at pole vaulting, so her coach had to custom order a pole for her.  You need a longer pole the higher you go, but they get heavier as they get bigger.
  • Sunday, I escaped in an Uber to go watch the Patriots game, after my mom told me I couldn’t leave because I didn’t have a car there (may I remind you that I am 29 years old, own a house, have lived on my own for 10 years).  I found a Patriots bar in Texas!!  Here’s a Texas truck flying a Patriots flag high and proud!
  • Sunday night, R drove me and my other sister (let’s call her V, she’s 15 years old) to the mall to try on bridesmaids dresses.  I can’t get over the fact that she can drive.  And V has her permit!

    R driving her car.

    V driving my mom’s SUV.

  • They are picky teenagers who did NOT like anything, but I thought they looked cute!

    R on the left, probably too ice-skater-y, but I love V’s on the right.

    This was sort of her favorite, but it was no where near on sale.

    They both hated these and I don’t understand why.

  • I also ate a LOT of good food there.  Chicken and biscuits at the hotel breakfast where we stayed for the pole vaulting meet.  Frito pie (apparently a bunch of fritos covered in chili and cheese) for sale at the pole vaulting meet.  Ahhhmazing!

2 thoughts on “Texas Recap – The Good Things

  1. It’s funny because my in-laws and parents pull the same stuff when we visit, never mind the fact we are adults. They get mad when we rent cars because they can’t used the your trapped in our clutches excuse lol. Uber has made our lives so much easier on holidays lol.

    • It was awesome… and the biggest power move I’ve probably ever pulled on her. Why don’t parents recognize that you successfully lead lives of your own the 95% of the year you don’t see them? lol

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