Things I Won’t Do for My Child

I won’t render her completely dependent and helpless.
I won’t live vicariously through her, feeling every success and every failure infinitely stronger than she does.
I won’t push her through injury after injury to fulfill my dreams for her.
I won’t withhold things to make her need me.
I won’t tell her would have done great if she had just tweaked something here, been more confident there.
I won’t nitpick my body and belittle my beauty in front of her. Hopefully, I can stop doing this in front of myself, too.
I won’t tell her she’ll never get boobs unless she gains some weight.  How about, she’ll never be healthy unless she gains some weight.  Who cares about boobs?
I won’t emasculate her father.
I won’t tell her that her father doesn’t want her.
I won’t encourage her to make boys like her, so she has someone to carry her bags.
I won’t talk about how I “need” plastic surgery.
I won’t base my compliments on looks and pounds.I won’t teach her the word diet.
I won’t enable her addictions.
I won’t diminish her abilities with backhanded compliments.
I won’t tell her she’s going to burn in hell.
I sure as hell won’t break down her door or throw her against walls.
I won’t talk down to her until she is a weak, beaten down doormat.
I won’t look to her for approval and validation, and I won’t force her to give me those things.
I won’t force her to deal with adult things years before she is an adult.
I won’t.