Sunday Runday 1/10 – Getting in Shape


  • Goals: Run twice X and do PT twice ✔

Since my goal for the year is to “get in shape,” I should start tracking my “shape.”  The two measurements I care about to track are my weight and my stomach.  I know you’re supposed to measure your waist at the smallest part, your natural waist about 2 inches above your belly button…BUT, that’s not the waist I care about.  I care about the bulge that’s lower than that, so I measure at my belly button – which gives me a consistent marker to measure at.  For both I’m going to round to the nearest whole number, which will hopefully negate measurement variations (how tight I pull the measuring tape) and daily variations (since my weight moves around quite a bit day to day). Current measurements are:

  • Weight = 136 lbs
  • Waist = 35 inches


  • Thursday 1/7 – PT – It was 9:48pm when I got back from walking the dog, and still hadn’t done anything for the day.  I got ready for bed and stayed up an extra 20 minutes to finish my PT.  That’s more effort than usual.  New year, new me!
  • Friday 1/8 – 2.79 mi run [11:45 pace] – It was dark out and 25 degrees F and 5:45AM on a Friday.  Not my favorite kind of run (but I still did it! – that’s the theme of 2016, but I will stop saying it at some point, pinky swear).
  • Sunday 1/10 – PT – I was also supposed to run today, but it was pouring out all day.  Instead I did laundry, cleaned the bathroom, modules of an online class, etc.  I definitely wasn’t unproductive.


  • Run twice:  FH has a resolution to walk the dog in the morning a few times a week.  That will help me run more!  Yay for mutually beneficial goals.
  • PT twice: just to keep me injury free.
  • Workout twice: I have already signed up for a Core Fusion Sports class on Thursday, so I just need to do one at home workout to accomplish this one.

I will recognize that this coming week’s goals are more ambitious than I’ve had since October.  Next week I’ll start setting some food goals.