Makeup Monday: Sephora Collection – Rome Palette

I got 4 palettes for $20 the day after Christmas, which is a fucking amazing deal.  Altogether there are 16 different eye shadows and 4 different blush/bronzers.  It was called the SEPHORA COLLECTION: Color Around The World and it was $39 before the sale, with a stated value of $105.  It’s no longer available on the site, so the best picture I could get of the whole package (because I already threw away the packaging) was the thumbnail from my order history:  Sorry!

I’m going to review one at a time, since each has 5 different products in it.  Here’s the Rome palette.  It’s a mix of soft neutrals, with one shimmery one (though, I’d argue, not shimmery enough) and one rich chocolate color called Tiramisu (my favorite dessert).  The cheek colors in all of these palettes are beautiful, but highly pigmented, so you have to be careful applying.  The eyeshadows are all beautiful and slightly different than anything I have (which is hard with a bunch of neutrals), but I don’t think they’re pigmented enough.


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