Sunday Runday 1/17


  • Run twice X
  • Do PT twice ✔
  • Workout twice ✔
  • Weight = 139 lbs — well that didn’t change in the right direction (3 pounds more than last week).  Too much beer and snacks.  I need to start counting calories and really dedicate myself to that to meet my goal weight (120 lbs).  Oh boy.
  • Waist = 36 inches


  • Monday 1/11 – 2.76 mile run [11:09 pace] – I wore my Saucony sneakers for this one and man, did that hurt.  Not so much the shoes hurt, but they used different tiny muscles in my calves and ankles that hurt.  I’m going to keep rotating shoes and hopefully that works on strengthening different tendons.
  • Tuesday 1/12 – PT + 2 Pull Ups
  • Wednesday 1/13 –WFH Workout x4 – I wasn’t actually working from home, I just liked the simplicity.  Especially because my plan was to run this morning, but it snowed last night and the roads would probably not be too safe to run on.
  • Thursday 1/14 – Core Fusion Sports – A. I was sweating profusely within the first 2 minutes of this class.  Holy hell, it was difficult.  Lots of pilates and regular exercises like burpees and squats, but with the addition of a medicine ball with handles.
  • Sunday 1/17 – PT


  • Run twice – hopefully the weather doesn’t make this too difficult.
  • PT twice
  • Workout twice: This week, I’m signed up for a Core Fusion Barre class at the same place with a friend from work.  I’ve never done barre before, so that should be interesting.

In addition to my standard workout goals, I want to set one other goal each week that is small and easy to achieve, but would be really beneficial if I accomplished more often, such as getting more sleep or eating more vegetables.  This week, my goal is to track my calories 4 days of the week.

After a few weeks of 1 small goal each week, I’ll start trying to set 2, or to set one longer.  Slowly (but surely) it will amount to a lifestyle change.  Right?



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