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As I mentioned last Sunday Runday, I need to eat less calories to lose weight.clueless duh i'm a mouse

Since I’m shit at eating healthy, I need to track my calories in order to do this.  I had tried to start last week and got super fed up.  It’s tedious and time consuming.  You have to scan everything!  Or import recipes and match ingredients.  I swear, it’s a full time job.

With that exasperation, I made it my goal this week to log 4 days worth of calories.  I use My Fitness Pal and it is a good app.  You can import recipes directly from the website, you can save meals (really useful when I made 4 salami and cheese sandwiches for lunch this week), and it remembers recent or most used items.  I’m on day 3 of logging things and I thought I’d share with you some challenges/tips.

When you first create an account, you fill out a survey about your goals.  Do you want to lose weight?  How fast?  What’s your lifestyle?  My goal is to lose 1 lb/week and my lifestyle, according to the app, is sedentary because I sit at a desk all day.  This gave me a goal calorie intake of 1200 calories per day.

If I burn calories through exercise, I get to eat more.  Burn 100 calories, get to eat 1300 that day.  I learned using this in the past that, while that makes sense, I shouldn’t calculate things that way because I only work out ~4 days per week.  That makes my diet yo-yo from 1200 calories one day to 2000 calories the next.  That makes it really difficult to stick to.

This time, instead of logging my exercise, I’m going to guesstimate that I burn 800-1000 calories each week.  That comes from 200 – 300 calories for each run and I’m trying to run twice a week and 200 calories for each work, also twice a week.  Now, instead of applying those calories on the day that I complete the workout, I’m spreading them out over the week and I increased my daily calorie goal to that of someone who is moderately active = 1350 calories per day.  That sounds much more doable than 1200.  Not that I’ve done it, yet, but I’m hopeful.


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