Five Thing Friday 1/22

  1. I was really feeling my hair and makeup this day, so I took a picture.  Make up is from the Rome Sephora palette.  I forgot to mention in the review how cool the names are.  This one has a dark brown named Tiramisu.  At first I thought, uhh no tiramisu is mostly white – ladyfingers, mascarpone.  Then I remembered the dusting of espresso powder, and that’s exactly the color of this eyeshadow!  Exactly.
  2. Can I get a hell yeah for meal planning this week?  Salami, muenster, mayo, plum tomatoes, arugula and banana peppers on a roll.  I made 6 sandwiches, individually wrapped in aluminum 20160120_125600.jpgfoil.  They kept really well and, let me tell you, buying a jar of banana peppers is the best thing I ever did for a sandwich.  They were super low-cal, coming in at around 480 calories per sandwich, but that would be easily fixed using pita or a wrap, or no carbs at all.
  3. Remember how I cancelled my ipsy subscription to save money?  Well, I got bored without it and joined the waitlist for a Sephora Play! subscription.  Same price, same idea with beauty samples mailed to you each month, but not personalized.  I finally got my email that I’m off the waitlist and signed up…
  4. …I also got another ipsy subscription.  I asked for ipsy or Birchbox for Christmas.  Now, Birchbox has a gift option.  You can buy someone a best seller’s box, or give them the gift of a 3 month subscription.  I assumed ipsy had the same thing, but it doesn’t.  So, my sister and mom had to get my answers to their beauty quiz and create a new account under my mom’s email (since I technically already had an account on my email).  What a pain in the ass for someone to give me a gift! … still can’t wait to get it!
  5. Usually I don’t let myself use my credit card, besides for subscriptions like ipsy and Netflix.  Those are manageable bills to pay.  Over the holidays, I let myself use it for Christmas shopping, so that I wasn’t beholden to the timing of paychecks.  Which was fine, but then I also spent the money from my paychecks and ended up with a credit card bill nearing $1000.  So, yep, time for that to come out of my wallet.  I have a long term savings account that’s not tied to my checking, purposefully, to save for things like the house downpayment, the wedding, if I lost my job, medical expenses.  Shit like that.  I transferred money from there, reasoning that the credit card interest rate I’m being charged is higher than the interest rate I’m earning from the savings, and paid it off this week.  No more credit card purchases for me!