Makeup Monday: Review of makeup removing cleanser

Another Sephora sample!  This one only had enough product to use twice, so that this review with a grain of salt.  The full size is available on Sephora for $26.

Product Description:A unique cleanser powered by arctic cloudberry, nordic cotton, and willow bark that transforms into a creamy lather to effortlessly and gently dissolve all traces of dirt, impurities, and makeup.

Product Promises: This cleanser’s main promise is to remove make up.  As someone who ALWAYS has to use make up remover, I’m dubious.  It also promises smooth, soft, supple and revitalized skin.

My Review:  First of all, it’s very difficult to review something on 2 uses.  Second of all, it’s extremely difficult to review a foaming cleanser without the pump dispenser that makes it foam.  This was indeed milky.  And smelled very flowery.  I don’t like flowery scents on my face.  I have sensitive skin and it just makes me think of perfume-y irritants.  Though this particular product was pretty mild, it did remove my makeup, so it wins on that measure alone.  Overall, though, it was too flowery and too bland at the same time (somehow) for me to really like it.