Sunday Runday 1/24


  • Run twice ✔
  • Do PT twice ✔
  • Workout twice X
  • Track calories for 4 days ✔
    • I logged my food Monday through Thursday.  I’m supposed to average 1350 calories per day.  I actually averaged 1814 calories per day.  No wonder why I’m fucking gaining weight.  When I’m paying attention to what I’m eating, I’m almost 500 calories over.  How many do I consume when I’m not paying attention?!
    • My snacks averaged 240 calories per day, which brings me below 1600.  Then if I cut out alcohol…
  • Weight = 136 lbs
    • Well, last week’s 3 pound weight gain was a fluke.  Now, I’m back down to where I started the year.
  • Waist = 35 inches


  • Monday 1/18 – PT
  • Tuesday 1/19 – Core Fusion Barre – Umm, I don’t think Barre is for me.  It was ridiculously difficult.  I hate the focus on one tiny movement and muscle for so long.  I like more dynamic movements that hit a bunch of things.  That and my hips were killing me.
  • Wednesday 1/20 – 3.34 mile Run [11:26 min/mile] – The great thing about running when it’s below freezing is that it doesn’t matter how far or how fast, you feel like a fucking badass just for being outside.

    Notice the “Real Feel” number is -1…that’s NEGATIVE ONE DEGREE FAHRENHEIT

    I forgot I bought this Reebok sweatshirt with fuzzy lining and just found it a few weeks ago. That and my new vest should be fine, right? Ahhhhh!

  • Thursday 1/21 – 2.87 mile run [12:21 min/mi pace] – Struggle city.  I haven’t done 2 days in a row since September 9th and 10th!  I’ve also run more this week than I did the entire month of November or December.  So struggle is to be expected?
  • Friday 1/22 – PT


Started off the week so strong, and then really tapered off.  This upcoming week, I have a class at Exhale scheduled for Sunday, so that will avoid the taper.  Except this morning, I’m still recovering from the weekend, so it may be a bit of a reverse taper.  Goals for the upcoming week are:

  • Run twice
  • PT twice
  • Workout twice
  • Track calories 5 days
  • No alcohol during the week (M – F)