Sunday Runday 1/31


TL:DR = I made all my exercise goals this week, but lifestyle ones are still a little behind.

  • Run twice ✔
  • Do PT twice ✔
  • Workout twice ✔
  • Track calories for 5 days ✔
    • Average = 1777 calories per day.  Still nowhere close to the 1350 target, but less than last week’s average of 1814, so that’s some improvement.
  • No alcohol during the week (M-F) X
    • FH left for a weekend of ice fishing with the boys on Thursday, leaving me home alone Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.  What else am I supposed to do home alone, if not drink wine and watch Bravo?  I made it Monday through Wednesday with no drinks.  And Sunday.  There’s no football on to drink to!  So, 4 out of 5 days, even if they weren’t the correct 5 days….not terrible?
  • Weight = 137 lbs
  • Waist = 35 inches
    • I gained a pound, but not an inch.  Maybe a pound of muscle?  Haha


  • Monday 1/25 – PT
  • Tuesday 1/26 – Bodyweight Workout Finisher – As you can read, this was billed as a finisher workout to do after a run.  I did it standalone, so I did do all 5 rounds.  On the planks, I started my first round with 1:15 minute plank, then did each round 15 seconds less.  That totals 3 minutes 45 seconds of planking and I didn’t crap out on one of them!
  • Wednesday 1/27 – 3.4 mile run [10:53 min/mile pace] – Hey!  My pace finally broke 11.  I did focus on not taking my first walk break for awhile past when I normally would.  I have a few niggly pains (knee cap, hip, calf) that suggest my running form sucks, so I should focus on stretching those out and figuring out which shoes work best.
  • Thursday 1/28 – 2.85 mile run [11:15 pace] – Back to back running days are killer.  That is all.
  • Sunday 1/31 – Core Fusion Cardio at Exhale Spa + PT – This class left me dripping sweat within the first 15 minutes.  Do I just sweat a lot?  Am I really that out of shape?  These classes are HARD.


This turned into a very long post.  I might break it up next week with one post about exercise and the other post about other goals.

  • Run twice, total 6.5 miles
  • PT twice
  • Workout twice — I’ve got my last 2 classes at Exhale scheduled: Yoga and Boot Camp.  Should be good.
  • Average 1350 calories per day over 5 days
  • Go to bed by 9pm two nights this week — This one might be the hardest of all.



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