Makeup Monday: 2 drugstore stocking stuffers

In my stocking, I asked for random items such as “Rimmel mascara” and “nailpolish” and “eyebrow pencil” with no more details, which made my mom freak and not know what to buy, so she went to the drugstore and bought some random items.  The 2 best are pictured in the photos below.

  1. Maybelline Brow Precise in Deep Brown (~$8): This is my first eyebrow pencil.  I usually use shadow.  The pencil is quicker, but less precise, since it looks painted on if I draw precise lines.  It is waxy and goes on dark.  The other end of the pencil has a little eyebrow brush that is necessary to the process.  It spreads out and lessens the concentration of the pencil and ends up looking really good.  I still gel after, because I have fucked up eyebrows, but I’m loving this quick and easy fill in!  The only drawback is that it uses A LOT of product in one use.  I have a sharpen it ever 1-2 days, which means the pencil will be gone within a month if I use it daily.
  2. Rimmel Scandaleyes Retroglam Macara ($5.50) – The applicator is an hourglass beast that’s a little awkward.  And it goes on a lot clumpy.  BUT, it sure as hell lengthens and plumps and lasts all day.  For a five dollar mascara, that’s awesome.  This will definitely be my new cheap mascara.