Five Thing Friday 2/5

  1. Commuter woe #1 – The other day a large group of very drunk college students rushed onto my subway card.  Mind you, this is Monday night on my ride home from work.  I later realized they were going to the college hockey Bean Pot tournament (it’s a BFD in Boston [BFD = Big Fucking Deal {I’m really hip}]).  They were looking for a bathroom (fucking idiots – there’s no bathroom on the subway cars) and proceeded to put their large soda bottles full of liquor (I can only assume) in their disgusting Justin Bieber sweatpants, and PEE ON THE TRAIN.  There are FAMILIES within feet of them on their way home after picking kids up at school/daycare. of thrones got annoyed annoying cersei lannister
  2. Commuter woe #2 – A subway driver used incredibly offensive and hateful language.  Not at any passengers, but on his phone or over the walkie talkie – I couldn’t tell which.  Other passengers heard it (I know because we shared similarly disgusted looks), and it was not okay.  This also happened to be the day that I left my phone at home, so I didn’t report it until the next day.  Then they asked me a million questions I couldn’t answer – contact info from other witnesses, description of the driver (he was behind a curtain), etc.  I DON’T KNOW, PEOPLE!  I heard something that should NOT be heard and reported it.  I don’t know that anyone should lose their job over this, but it would be worth line item on the staff meeting agenda.  game of thrones awkward tv
  3. Well, this article made me feel better about not succeeding in my no alcohol 5 days (man, that sounds sad):  game of thrones wine cersei lannister
  4. Ummm, yesterday I ate 2300 calories. I had a terrible sweet tooth in the morning and started the day with a cherry danish.  I was still craving sweets by lunch and bought a box of sugar cookies.  And ate 6 of them.  My HelloFresh meal for the night was 760 calories and since I’d already said, fuck it, I opened a bottle of wine, too.  And some chocolates.  It feels like I will never look the way I want to, and it’s just my own of thrones tv cersei lannister lena headey i meant to post this here dammit
  5. I ran out of books on my Kindle for the first time ever.  Usually I go on book buying sprees and I never read enough.  Or I’m eternally reading Anna Karenina.  But, now, I’ve caught up and had to buy some new stuff.  I was toying with the idea of buying and re-reading all the Harry Potters, but then I bought the Game of Thrones series instead!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the show and can’t wait to read the books!  game of thrones tv hbo got