Sunday Runday 2/7


This week was not so good on willpower.  I started off strong with yoga and a really good run.  Then, I was supposed to run again on Friday or Saturday, but we got 8 inches of snow.  Then, I was supposed to go to a bootcamp class on Sunday at 10:30, but then I went out Saturday night.  I actually was awake, out and about on time, but there was no way I was going to survive a bootcamp class.  Lesson learned: Get shit done early in the week.

  • Run twice, total 6.5 miles X
  • PT twice X
  • Workout twice X
  • Average 1350 calories per day over 5 days X
    • Well, I tracked for 6 days.  BUT averaged 1977 calories per day.  Goddammit I need to get this under control.  * Broken Record *
  • Go to bed by 9pm two nights this week X
  • Weight = 138 lbs
  • Waist = 35.5 inches


  • Tuesday 2/2 – Core Fusion Yoga – I was looking forward to yoga stretching out all my running tightness and my other “core fusion” soreness.  The last class I did was Core Fusion Cardio just 2 days prior.  Long story short, it was a dumb idea to do 2 classes without a week in between.  Ow.
  • Wednesday 2/3 – 4.3 mile run [11:22 pace] – This run felt surprisingly good given how sore my ass is and how tight my hamstrings were and how much elevation this was and that it’s the longest run I’ve done since the half.  That was a positive statement, right?
  • Thursday 2/4 – PT and THESE 5 Stretches – I even timed myself and did each for 20-30 seconds.  That’s more patience than I usually have.


  • Run 7 miles
    • We’re supposed to get more snow, so this may be a stretch.  But if I can’t run, I’ll consider this goal achieved if I add another workout.
  • PT twice
  • Workout twice
  • Track calories every day
    • Achieve 1350 on TWO days — When I started making these goals, I said they would be small and achievable to start with.  Last week, the goal of averaging 1350 over 5 days was not small and achievable, so I’m dialing it back and aiming to hit that number on 2 days this week.