Makeup Monday: Sephora Collection – NY Palette

Next up in my worldly Sephora pallettes is New York.  I think I ended up reviewing these in order from best to worst.  I’m less than impressed with the New York one.  I suppose the color spectrum captures the no-nonsense professionalism of the city, but the color names don’t have strong ties, or strong variation.  Where’s my dark shade, my real shimmer, my highlight?20160127_071030.jpg

I like City Trench, both as a name and as a color.  It’s a thick, milky off white that works as a good base or a matte highlight.  Hot Mocha ain’t bad either.  It’s a cool toned metallic brown.  Since most of my shimmery browns are warm tone, that’s a nice change of pace.  Peanut Butter is a pretty boring brown that doesn’t resemble PB in the least.  Trick or Treat (what does that have to do with NY?) barely adds shimmer.  My actual favorite of the whole thing is the Romantic Date blush.  It’s a nice sheer pink, easy to apply with no danger of encroaching on clown territory.



Rio Palette 

Rome Palette