Running Belt Review


From top to bottom…

  1. |★★☆☆☆| Level Flipbelt (~$25 on Amazon) – I bought this for runs where I needed to carry credit cards (i.e. running to and from getting my haircut).  Before this, I never even carried my phone with me.  I’d just manually log my runs onto the MapMyRun website.  The idea of a running belt changed my life.  However, I hated this one.  Yes, it can hold a lot and it doesn’t budge.  However, I found it really difficult to get anything out of it, which is a huge time waste if you’re trying to check the map on your phone for your next turn.  It is super awkward to get stuff in and out of it.
  2. |★★★☆☆| Gear Beast Arm Band ($15 on Amazon) – This is huge.  enough room for my phone and my keys and a few credit cards.  But it’s not build for skinny arms.  I can wear it in the winter, or in the summer for less than 3 miles.  Why 3 miles?  Anything over that and it gets sweaty and stretches out and falls down my arm.
  3. |★★☆☆☆| Gear Beast Expandable Running Belt ($10 on Amazon) – This started off very snug, expanded to fit anything I wanted, which was usually just my phone and my keys.  My mp3 player has a clip that I usually clip onto my shirt or pocket.  Over time, the pouch got stretched out to wear if I put my keys in with my phone, they would be bouncing the whole run, making a lot of noise and possibly scratching my phone.  No bueno.
  4. |★★★★☆| Hind Running Utility Bag ($15 on Amazon, but you can find it in TJMaxx for ~$8) – Love this one!  It has 3 separate pockets: keys, phone, mp3 player.  Perfection!  The only, and I mean only, thing I don’t like is that the buckle belt part isn’t stretchy like the Gear Beast or the Mytagalongs, so it can tend to feel too light or too loose if you don’t adjust exactly.
  5. |★★★★☆| Mytagalongs Running Belt (~$10 at TJMaxx [I couldn’t find it on Amazon]) – This one is light (you can barely feel it while you’re running).  It’s also big enough to fit phone and keys and other things.  The belt part is stretchy, but the pouch part is not.  If this one had 3 separate pockets, I’d be in heaven.  I’m still worried about my keys jostling around and scratching my phone.  This fear is probably irrational, since I’ve been running for 4 years and that has never happened, but oh well.