Shopping Willpower!

Mark this day on your calendars. Today is the day I showed restraint!

Shopping begets shoppings AKA I keep getting sweet coupons and gift cards with recent purchases.  That’s how I ended up spending $200 at Under Armour last week (10% off coupon!).  And how I ordered 2 weeks worth of HelloFresh ($50 off 2 orders!).

Wayfair recently sent me coupons in the mail to other retailers, and I was really excited for 20% off J.Crew Factory because A. I can never afford J.Crew and B. I didn’t even know their outlet was online.

After fake shopping for a solid hour, I had $390 in my cart.  I narrowed it down to $124, which ended up at $98 after the discount.  It consisted of straight leg, light wash jeans, bright marine blue shorts with a 3″ inseam, a t-shirt with black stripes and red and orange flowers, and a white cardigan.  I had all but checked out.  My cart was full and my coupon applied.  I clicked ‘Check out via Paypal’ and I had typed my email into Paypal.  I mistyped my password.

When I went to retype my password, I paused.  $100?  Really?  After I pay bills, I only take home $100 for general expenses some weeks.  Like groceries.

You don’t need groceries this week because you already paid for HelloFresh…and that was only $44!

-The Devil on my shoulder

But, I’ll need groceries next week.  And I need savings, for the wedding.  The motherfucking expensive wedding.

So….I stopped!

And I went even one step further than that.  I transferred the $98.40 that I was going to spend into my savings account!!

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