Sunday Runday 2/14


  • Run 7 miles
  • PT twice X
  • Workout twice 
  • Track calories every day 
    • Achieve 1350 on TWO days ✓ – Wednesday (1211) and Thursday (1340) motherfuckers!
    • Overall average is 1690 over 6 days.  Since I usually write this post on Sunday, and it’s a lazy (and usually low cal day), I’m going to not track calories on Sundays.  There were a lot of cookies and candy this week, though.
  • Weight = 137 lbs – progress, slowly, but surely
  • Waist = 34.5 inches


  • Monday 2/8 – At Home Cardio Workout + PT – I was supposed to go to a class tonight at a new gym (new Groupon), but there was a snowstorm, so I did an at home workout while I watched the Bachelor.
  • Wednesday 2/10 – Jillian Michael’s Shred It With Weights – Man, the weather is really cramping my running style.  I’m gonna try again tomorrow, but in the meantime, back to the trusty Jillian for a very sweaty workout.
  • Thursday 2/11 – 4 mile run [12:01 pace] – Jillian Michael’s video killed my glutes and hamstrings.  That is quite apparent in this pace.
  • Friday 2/12 – 3.3 mile run [11:31 pace] – It was so fucking cold this day.  My legs felt frozen and stiff as a board.  I also think I didn’t wear the right layers, because they were limited my range of motion.  Remember when I boasted about running in -1 degrees (real feel)?  Well, how about -11 degrees, bitches!  Ugh I never want to do that again.


I’m having a lot of knee pain recently, no doubt from hills and increased mileage.  Still going to try for 2 runs this week, but only ~2 miles each, and in my motion control sneakers.

Other goals:

  • 2 days at 1350 calories or under
  • 1 day ankle tendinities PT
  • 1 day knee pain PT
  • 2 days working out

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