Valentine’s Recap

Last weekend, Boston saw record low temperatures.  Friday night, we went out to a bar to drink and dance and celebrate Valentine’s day when it was only a couple degrees below zero (instead of Saturday or Sunday when it was tens of degrees below freezing).  Even a couple degrees made it difficult to dress cute.  I opted for leggings, heeled lace up boots, a tank dress, a super warm peacoat style sweatshirt, and a long wool coat:


I also tried to make work the last of my Sephora palettes: Paris.  The colors are gorgeous, but they don’t blend well at all.  That’s my review.  Haha.

And here we are together, before we got into a stupid, drunk argument at the bar.  I swear it happens every Valentine’s Day.

The next day, in -20°F, we had a walking tour of Chocolate in Boston.  I took no pictures, and was very unimpressed with the “tour.”  We spent $45 on tour tickets to eat approximately $40 worth of chocolate.  And that was with a Living Social deal.  We would have been better off going to each place by ourselves and just stuffing our faces with sweets.

  • But, we got to eat a chocolate cupcake at Georgetown Cupcakes.
  • Another chocolate cupcake at Sweet.
  • Some chocolate covered goodies at SugarHeaven, where I also bought Belgian chocolate cigarettes.
  • A chocolate cookie at the Patisserie on Newbury Street.
  • AND the best part was champagne truffles at Teuscher, who make every chocolate in Switzerland.  They had a nice tour, explaining the layers of the champagne truffle (they use Dom Perignon!!) and that the Swiss take their chocolates hella serious – they eat triple the amount in a year as people in the US.  Here’s a picture from their website of this delicious truffle:

Champagne Truffles

Later that night, we braved -30°F, to meet our friends out, spend hundreds of dollars on cab rides and fancy drinks (hello, $12 Singapore Slings, yummmm), and witnessed a bouncer be a complete dick to people, subjecting them to possible frostbite and hypothermia.  Ass.

The next morning we woke up with hangovers and frozen pipes, which luckily did not burst.  Thank god.

For Valentine’s Day presents, I got FH golf shorts with the constitution on them (he keeps threatening to wear the suit version to the wedding) and he brought me to a Sleep Number store to try the beds!  Sounds silly, but I really really want a sleep number bed and he always says that there’s a ridge in the middle, so we can’t cuddle (except I hate cuddling AND that’s where the dog sleeps anyway, soooooo moot point, no?).  It was a great weekend!