Meniscus is a fun word

I mentioned last weekend that I’ve had some knee pain. Turns out it’s less generalized and more acute, resulting in wincing when I go down stairs or my foot turns just so. The pain is very localized on the inside part of my right knee.

My coworker, who has torn many things (meniscus and ACL, I believe) and had 2 knee surgeries, assures me the pain would be much greater if I needed to go to the doctor. Nevertheless, she advises I go in a week if it’s still painful and that it is probably a mild meniscus tear, given the motions that hurt it.

In the meantime, I’m really disappointed I can’t run this week. After below freezing weather, it’s been in the 40’s. Ice is melted, sun is out, and not being able to run SUCKS.  I went back to last year’s posts from when I was in a walking boot to find workouts for this week.