Sunday Runday 2/21


  • 2 days running X — Obviously rehabbing my knee is more important than running
  • 2 days at 1350 calories or under X
    • AND I averaged 1800 calories per day, though I was more consistent.  I only had one ridiculous day (2625 calories!), but it was because we had to meet a DJ near The Gingerbread Construction Company, which has the BEST muffins in the world.
  • 1 day ankle PT X
  • 1 day knee pain PT 
  • 2 days working out 
  • Weight = 138 lbs
  • Waist = 35 inches


  • Tuesday 2/16 – Arm workout 2×15 – Ok…on shoulders I barely did one set.  That shit is hard.  And I didn’t do the one in push up position, because…well, ya know…my knee.
  • Wednesday 2/17 – 15 minute abs approx. 1/2 of the set – While my sprained ankle allowed me to do most of these last year, my knee only allows about half.
  • Thursday 2/18 – PT for my knees – I think that took longer than my workouts!  The hamstring stretch, calf stretch, and side leg raises felt the most useful, so they’re probably something I should continue once this feels better.
  • Friday 2/19 – PT for my knees – The knee is feeling much better, so I want to continue working on it.
  • Sunday 2/21 – 3 mile walk – This doesn’t quite count as exercise, but we left our car at a friend’s house last night and opted to Uber home.  Instead of taking the bus to go pick it up, I decided to walk the 3 miles.  My knee is feeling much better, but going down stairs still hurts.


  • 2 arm workouts
  • 1 ab workout
  • 2 days PT for knees
  • 2 days PT for ankles
  • 1 run, if my knee feels 100% at the end of the week
  • 4 days 1350 calories – No joke.  I’m buckling down this week.