Makeup Monday: Ipsy is back! February

Ipsy is majorly missing out on the “gift” market.  Birchbox lets you send somebody a 3 month generic subscription.  In order for my mom to give me Ipsy for Christmas, she had to create an account on her email and answer the beauty profile pretending to be me.  It’s kind of awesome because now she gets all their annoying emails.

I got my first bag since I canceled my own subscription and s’alright.20160216_183551.jpg

  • Bag – Hideous design with an even hideous-er texture.
  • The Balm Mr. Write (Now) Eyeliner in Scott B. Bordeaux ($17) – Beautiful dark brown with hints of maroon and purple.  Very difficult to wash off in the shower, so you know it lasts all day.  I think this is my new favorite eyeliner.  Dark enough, but with a distinct color, so it’s more exciting than brown or black.
  • treStique Blush Stick in Bora Bora Coral ($34) – Nice, creamy peach color.  Goes from crayon to powder in a smooth transition.  Very blendable.
  • Naked Cosmetics Mica Powder ($14) – Glitter?  What the hell is a 29 year old woman supposed to do with glitter?!  It seems like a nice glitter.  I guess I’ll save it for the multitude of bachelorette parties I have to go to?  After checking out their website, it looks like Naked Cosmetics sells the raw pigment for makeup and you can apply it with their primer type products, including clear nailpolish.  Interesting concept.


    Top: Mica Powder; Middle: Blush Stick; Bottom: Eyeliner

  • My Amazing Hair Secrets Leave In Conditioner ($14) – Barely scented (which TBH was kinda disappointing cuz I love the smell of coconut) and the nozzle on the sample size leaves something to be desired.  But, it softened and conditioned my hair nicely without leaving it greasy.
  • Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat ($30) – This is almost completely clear, so I don’t understand what I use it for.  Base coat? Top coat? What makes it a gel?  It says it comes off with regular nail polish remover.  Forgive me, I’m very confused.  It seems like a nice strong base coat that dries super quickly.

I’ll be reviewing my first Play by Sephora next week.  Get excited.