Stitchfix Review

I got my first Stitchfix box yesterday!  It was….okay.  Stitchfix is a stylist by mail service, so to speak.  You sign up, pay a $20 styling fee, and fill out a profile.  The profile asks your size and style preferences in all different types of clothes.  You can add a link to a Pinterest page and give them any notes you want about your style or upcoming events or specific items you want.  Then, you schedule a shipment and they send you 5 items.  If you buy any of them, your $20 styling fee is applied to the price, and if you buy all 5 items, it’s an additional 25% off.

I’m keeping in mind that, with feedback, your stylist gets to know you better.  I ended up buying 2 things out of it, though one was way more expensive than I’d normally pay, but it was cute, soooo…idk colin farrell shrug doubt in bruges


And here is me as a perfectly rectangular column. Ick. I did NOT buy this dress.


Jeans were super cute, but too big. I did buy this grey, lace sleeved shirt, though, for $48.


See the cute lace sleeves!!


This sweatshirt was $68, super heave, and awkwardly draped. TERRIBLE


See the awkward bunching?!?!?!


I love this necklace AND it was only $28! KEEP!


If you’re interested in Stitchfix, CLICK HERE —>