Five Thing Friday

  1. Runner’s World posted this article, The Surprising Reason You’re Not Losing Weight, to their FB feed the other day.  Of course I clicked on it, because I’m not losing weight.  I don’t find that surprising, per se, due to things like beer and Hershey’s candy bars, but the click bait title was too good to pass up.  As it turns out, “skimping on sleep can lead to weight gain, an increase in injuries and a decrease in testosterone levels, which is often associated with depression and bone density loss.”  Between my knees and my hips and past bouts of tendinitis, I feel injured all the time.  Like, not really injured, but injured.  I also feel tired every day.  Between the dog and the FH, even when I get in bed on time, I don’t fall asleep.  I’ve “tried” to go to bed early before, but I have to try harder.  Whatever it is that I have to do at 9 or 10pm (last night, it was the dishes), can wait until the next day.  Trying harder means not just saying, “I’m going to go to bed earlier.”  It means taking steps to enable that.  My first 2 steps are to wash my face and brush my teeth at 8pm and, if I have the late walk, walk the dog at 8:30pm.  The goal is going to bed by 9pm and getting 8 hours of sleep.
  2. I came across this program for running with dogs: Ruff Tail Runners.  It’s in Texas and, basically, runners can sign dogs out of the shelter and run with them.  Every runner has to take a training about how to get the dog out of the kennel, how to put on their equipment, how to run with them, etc.  The more training you get, the more difficult dogs you can run with.  I say, can, not have to, because the more socialization and exercise these dogs get, the more adoptable they are.  Even though running with my dog is a pain in the ass, maybe when I have some more time on my hands, I’ll look into starting a program here.  It would be easier if the organization we used was a shelter, but it’s a foster organization (also better for the dogs).  Anyway, it’s just a super cool thing and if you live anywhere near it, you should do it!  Or start one where you do live!
  3. Something, I’m LOVING right now = new Fitbit bands!  I had always yearned for the cute, bracelet-style bands they sold on designed by Tory Burch.  I mean, who wouldn’t want this?   It costs $175!!! So yeah, I guess I wouldn’t want this.  My plain black band was close to breaking, so I figured I’d check out Amazon for replacements.  That’s where I found a set of 2 super cute, patterned ones for only $8.  No, they aren’t silver with a watch buckle, but they look adorable and I can change them to match my outfit.
  4. OH boy, homeownership woes.  First of all, our condo’s master insurance needed an inspection of our fire system to keep our insurance.  There’s one inspector on this side of the state, who is also the main installer of such systems (what a fuckin racket).  He says we need emergency fire alarm pulls at every exit (currently we only have one at the front door).  Guess how much that costs?  Did you guess $2500?  If you did, you’d be right!  THEN, our neighbor below us tells us something from our floor is leaking through their ceiling.  Enter the most annoying plumber of all time, who has told me about wax seals more times than I can count and asked me if I splash a lot when I get out of the shower.  No, fuckhead.  Me splashing out of the shower did not soak through my tile floor, subflooring and their ceiling.  He has now seen as much and is expected back to cut through their ceiling since he can’t find the source of the leak in my bathroom.  Buh bye, tax returns!
  5. Does anyone watch The Bachelor?  I started thinking about who the presidential candidates would be as bachelor contestants on this season.  I really only got as far as Donald Trump is Olivia.  Bragging, boastful, full of shit, a complete liar, obsessed with looks and insulting people.And now, I leave you with this, “I know words.  I have the best words.” 

2 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday

  1. Omg. 1. I love this post, I am laughing so hard at your commentary on the condo things – I’m really sorry you’re going through all that BS, that really sucks, but you’re great and funny and make all the everyday BS enjoyable to read. 2. I died watching that John Oliver video earlier this week, it is amazing. 3. I TOTALLY get ready for bed by 8 pm and am laying in my bed around 9 pm every night. It helps that my alarm goes off so early, so I am freakin’ worn out by 9 pm, but getting sleep helps so much. I also started paying attention to how much carbs/protein I was getting after my workouts and that awareness has helped – I feel totally fried when I don’t eat enough energy-supplying fuel after long hard workouts. I hope it helps to know that you’ve got a friend a few states over that is already in her pjs at 8 pm. fist bump 4. I hope you have a great weekend! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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