Sunday Runday 3/6


  • 1 gym class X
    • Yup, I still haven’t used my groupon.  I need to go after work, because once I pack a bag for the gym, I can’t skip out on it.
  • 2 ab workouts 
  • 2 days PT for knees 
  • 2 days PT for ankles
  • 2 runs X
  • 4 days 1350 calories X
    • I actually didn’t hit 1350 any day, but I did bring my average daily calories down to 1616 calories per day which is my new lowest average!
  • Weight = 138 lbs
    • Man, I really felt like I lost weight this week.  Maybe I did, and then just too much beer on Saturday.
  • Waist = 34.5 inches


  • Monday 2/29 – PT for my Knees & Ankles
  • Tuesday 3/1 – 2.8 mile run [11:11 pace] – Much better than my 17 min/mile last week, stupid dog.  My knee gave me some pain about halfway through, so I’ll dial it back and run less than 2 miles next time.
  • Wednesday 3/2 – Knee PT
  • Thursday 3/3 – Lower Back & Love Handle Workout – I chose Swimmers, Superman, Bird Dog, Around the World Obliques, and Straight Leg Deadlift.  And Reba decided to distract be in between sets.  20160303_144528.jpgThis is the kind of work out that feels easy, but hurts the next day because it’s working muscles that are so often neglected.
  • Friday 3/4 – Ankle PT
  • Saturday 3/5 – 15 Minute Abs – Since my knee is better, I had to do all the exercises this time.  Including plank reach throughs…ugh!


When I was discussing my monthly goals, I mentioned that I have a mini-vacation this month.  We’re going skiing with a bunch of friends and we’ll be gone 3 days (Thursday night through Sunday).  Now, I know there are things I could do – easy hotel workouts, at home workouts, no equipment, body weight only, blah blah blah.  BUT, I am a firm believer of being on vacation.  Yeah, if I have the time and inclination, I’ll do something, but I already know that, besides skiing, I won’t have the inclination to do anything buy drink, play cards, and hang out.  That leaves me with 4 workdays to exercise and eat right.  So, I made my goals with that in mind.

  • 1 day of skiing
  • 1 workout
  • 1 days PT for knees
  • 1 days PT for ankles
  • 1 run