Another Quickie Post – UA Outlet

I recently discovered the Under Armour online outlet and it’s fucking amazing.  It has a limited selection of awesome Under Armour gear at normal people prices.

One thing I’ve needed forever is new ski pants.  I only ski once a year, so I’d been dragging my feet for years on buying them, but the one’s I had (Slalom brand, women’s size Small) were made for someone as a waist trainer.  I had to ski with them totally unbuttoned and unzipped, lest I end the day with a bruised stomach, they were so tight.  I found these cuties on the UA outlet, checked their return policies (which are great BTW), and got em for $120 (truly, not bad AT ALL for name brand ski pants).Women’s UA ColdGear® Infrared Queen Pant

I also bought running capris for $24 that are the smoothest fabric with a nice thick, comfortable waist band, and a cute, comfy sports bra.


Something about wearing UA makes me feel like a badass. Good marketing, I guess?


LOOK AT HOW CUTE THIS PATTERN IS! Ok, badass status negated.

P.S. I cannot believe I was running in a t-shirt and capri pants in mid-March the day before I’m going skiing.


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