Sunday Runday 3/13


Hey!  I met all my goals this week!  That’s only because I purposefully made them light because I was on vacation.  Besides skiing, the only thing I accomplished this weekend drinking 3 nights in a row.

  • 1 day of skiing 
  • 1 workout 
  • 1 days PT for knees 
  • 1 days PT for ankles 
  • 1 run 
  • Weight = 138 lbs
  • Waist = 34.5 inches


  • Monday 3/7 – PT for knees and ankles – Knock em both out in one day.  Easy to find the time when I have 2 hours of Bachelor Women Tell All to watch.
  • Tuesday 3/8 – 1.5 mile run [9:39 pace] – Yes, my shortest run in awhile (I was short on time), but my fastest in what feels like forever.  My split was 8:59!  I haven’t hit a sub 10 min/mile since July 2015 and I haven’t hit sub 9 since July 2014.  Going back through all of that (thank you, MapMyRun!) reminded me that this time last year I wasn’t able to run at all, and I’m so thankful I can, now.
  • Thursday 3/10 – 2.26 mile run [10:35 pace] – Ok, so I was supposed to do another workout, but I’m counting this run as my 2nd work out.  And it was another fast one!
  • Friday 3/11 – Ski – I only did 2 runs at Sugarloaf.  The conditions were pretty bad, and I’m not a great skiier to being with :-/


  • PT for knees and ankles
  • Yoga class at Assembly Sports Club
  • 2 runs
  • Track calories daily (Goal = 1350 per day)