Mixbook? Mixbook!

I had never heard of Mixbook until recently.  Around Christmas my friends have a Christmas party and we all participate in a Yankee Swap (which I’ve also heard people call it a White Elephant).  Basically everybody brings one, anonymous gift under a certain dollar amount.  We all pick a number out of a hat.  #1 goes first and has to keep the gift they open.  #2 opens a gift, then has the opportunity to swap with #1.  If you are swapped with, you now have the chance to swap with someone else who has not yet been swapped in that round.  The game goes on.  #1 gets to go once more at the end.  Every year there’s at least one terrible gift that no one wants (it’s always this hideous red and green plaid cat door stop).  And every year, there’s at least a few personalized gifts that everyone wants (a really bad picture of me on a coffee mug that reads “Somebody has a case of the Mondays”).

sorry about the flash

This year, the most coveted gift was a calendar.  Every month had a theme and picture collages of all our friends.  There’s March, complete with pictures from a variety of St. Patrick’s Day Kegs & Eggs & Parades.  No, I didn’t actually win the calendar.  It was so popular, our friend who made it, Jill, ordered a bunch more the next time custom calendars were on sale on Mixbook.

Mixbook is akin to Snapfish, Vistaprint, Shutterfly, etc. but I find it more user friendly and customizable.mixbook  It’s the ultimate digital scrapbook.  Me? I’m lazy and would probably only use their templates (look at how cute the next picture is!), but if you’re into scrapbooking or really Type-A about fonts and colors, you can do it all yourself.

Jill, the aforementioned calendar aficionado, used Mixbook for all her wedding stationary, invites, RSVP cards, and did it so well they wrote a fan feature of her on their blog.  Check it out and comment HERE!