Sunday Runday 3/20


  • PT for knees and ankles 
  • Yoga class at Assembly Sports Club X
    • BUT, I did yoga at home on Sunday.
  • 2 runs 
    • 4 runs, 8.88 miles
  • Track calories daily (Goal = 1350 per day) ✓ 
    • I tracked them every day and my daily average was 1550!  New low!  If I remove Friday when I drank a lot, my average would be 1458, so…I should probably drink less?  haha
  • Weight = 136 lbs – Finally some progress!  On Sunday I was actually 134 lbs, but I knew I was dehydrated, so I’m going with the Monday morning measurement.
  • Waist = 34 inches


  • Monday 3/14 – PT for knees and ankles – I need to stretch and dig out the foam roller again.  After running last week and then skiing, my calves feel like rocks.
  • Tuesday 3/15 – 1.5 mile run [9:24 pace] – I was supposed to go to yoga tonight, but FH’s bike broke and I had to go pick him up.  Instead of giving up on the day, I suited up when we got back and did a quick run around the block before dinner.  Really quick.  Even quicker than the last time I did it!
  • Wednesday 3/16 – Stretch & Foam Roll
  • Thursday 3/17 – 3.1 mile run [10:34 pace] – My longest run in awhile.  Foot hurts.  Hip hurts.  To be expected.
  • Saturday 3/19 – 2.77 mile run [11:41 pace] – I ate A TON on Friday (more like drank a ton) and my calorie intake is not looking good, so I decided to go for a run to help with the hangover and mitigate going out later.  It was struggle city.
  • Sunday 3/20 – 1.5 mile run [10:56 pace] and Yoga for Hips, Hamstrings, and Back


  • Yoga at Assembly Sports Club (I’m putting this on here until I finally get my act together and go)
  • Run 3 times
  • Make a ‘deck of cards’ workout (where you write different exercises on each card and the number indicates how many you have to do)
  • Foam roll and PT (after a week with 4 days of running, even though not very far, everything hurts)
  • Track calories daily (Goal = 1350 per day)