Q. How many subscription services is too many?

A. You can never have enough!  I * only * have 6.

  1. Graze: $11.99 for 1 box of 8 snacks each month.  And they are seriously all SO DELICIOUS!  Here’s my reward code, if you want to sign up! DLLP3WF5P

    image of dark rocky road

    My favorite so far = Dark Chocolate Rocky Road

  2. Stitchfix: $20 styling fee for 5 items every quarter.  Styling fee goes towards purchase of any items.  So, it’s really free.  I reviewed my first fix here.  That necklace has entered the daily rotation, I love it so much.
  3. Blue Apron: $70 for 3 meals to feed 2 people each.  This is a weekly service, but I only get it once every few months.  Reviews here and here.  Comment with an email address and I’ll send you free meals through the website.
  4. Ipsy: $10 per month for 5 or so sample beauty products chosen based on your wants and needs.  High/Low mix of brands, sometimes erring on the side of low.  Reviewed in half of my Makeup Mondays.
  5. PLAY! by Sephora: $10 per month for 5 or so deluxe samples from Sephora.  Good mix of brands; quality products.  Just started this one, and loved the first box.
  6. Barkbox: $19 per month for 12 months for themed dog treats and toys.  If you have a dog and you buy them toys and treats, this is awesome.  Each box is enough for 2 dogs.  We actually save all the new toys until we’re traveling, so she gets something special in the car.20160317_182129.jpg

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  2. There’s so many great subscription boxes to choose from right now. I’ve been thinking about trying a makeup one but might check out Graze, the snacks look yummy 🙂

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