Sunday Runday 3/27


  • Foam Roll and PT 
  • Yoga class at Assembly Sports Club X
  • 3 runs X
    • 2 runs, 1 blister, 6.25 miles
  • Track calories daily (Goal = 1350 per day) ✓ / X 
    • Tracked every day.  Daily average = 1560.  Slightly higher than last week’s average.
  • Deck of Cards Workout 
  • Weight = 137 lbs … Two words: Easter. Candy.
  • Waist = 34.5 inches


  • Monday 3/21 – Ankle PT + Foam Roll
  • Tuesday 3/22 – 3.1 mile run [10:22 pace]
  • Wednesday 3/23 – Deck of Cards 5×3 – This was a good, quick way to do a workout at 6am without thinking.  Though I need to pick more cards next time – this felt too easy.20160323_060223.jpg
  • Thursday 3/24 – 3.1 mile run [11:30 ish pace] – So, I may be pushing myself a little too hard too fast.  2 miles into what was supposed to be 3.3 miles, it felt like there were shards of glass cutting into my plantar.  I was wearing my ugly Brooks motion control shoes because my feet had been sore, and I thought they would help correct that.  I ended up pausing my run for awhile to walk, turning it back on and alternating between sprinting and walking the rest of the way back, worrying that plantar fasciitis was back again with a vengeance.  It actually looks like it’s just a blister, which is new for me.  I have no idea what to do with a blister.  Off to google.
  • Friday 3/25 – Deck of Cards Workout 26×1 – I did half the deck!  I was supposed to run today, but I figured I’d let the blister on my foot heal.  Here’s what I had to do (somehow, out of 26 cards, I managed to avoid burpees!).
    • Hips, Butt, Legs: 11 fire hydrants, 20 donkey kicks, 11 lateral lunges, 12 forward lunges, 34 squats, 27 single leg squats (I still can’t do these, so they were just uneven squats)
    • Arms: 10 tricep dips, 5 push ups, 5 pull ups
    • Abs: 6 30 second planks, 5 spider planks, 32 sit ups, 4 oblique sit ups, 51 russian twists


  • Run 3 times
  • Meet with Running Coach on Sunday
  • Do PT twice, including hip strength (I tend to skip that and just do my ankle stuff)
  • Yoga once
  • Track calories daily (Goal = 1350 per day)