Wedding Wednesday?

I’m definitely a sucker for alliteration and rhyming. With Sunday Runday and Makeup Monday, I need something mid-week.

The wedding is 6 months away and somehow 6 months feels like crunch time?  Looking back, I would have had a shorter engagement.  Not because I needed to get married quicker, but because I need this endless to do list out of my head quicker.  Here’s the status so far:

  • Date 
  • Venue 
    • Cork Wine & Tapas restaurant
  • Dress 
  • Shoes 
  • Bridesmaids dresses = 4 out of 6
    • My maids are wearing all different dresses in neutral colors: white, ivory, champagne, grey.  It’s shaping up to be really pretty.  The maid of honor is wearing white, boat neck, fit and flare, covered in lace.  A junior bridesmaid is wearing a boat neck fit and flare in champagne silk.  There’s a grey, cap sleeve with lace overlay.  And an ivory sweetheart fit and flare with lace cap sleeve overlay.  I need one more grey dress to balance the one, and the last girl can wear whatever she wants.
  • Bridesmaids Jewelry and Accessories 
    • I bought them bracelets and earrings (I didn’t want to do necklaces, since they all have different necklines) and these beautiful hair comb accessories that are covered in flowers of all different colors.  I’m totally obsessed with them.
  • Flowers 
    • I’m doing fake flowers for the bouquets, and I’ve bought them all!  I’ll do a post later on how I make them.20160305_130136.jpg
  • Officiant 
  • DJ 
  • Photographer 
  • Hair and makeup 

Still left to do are a million and one things.  My jewelry. Dress fitting. Ceremony script. Vows. Wedding license. Setting up meetings with all the vendors to finalize things. Wedding bands.  Groomsmen suits. Groomsmen gifts.  Centerpieces. Favors. 1st dance, entrance, mom/son, dad/daughter songs.  Dance lessons. Hair and makeup trial.  Bachelorette and Bachelor parties.  Invitations.  Seating Charts.  Decorative signs.  Honeymoon. Nail appointments.  Someone to help with centerpieces, cards, gifts, decorations.

tv zayn malik out freaking out freaking

I feel like I’ve used this gif before…that’s probably not a good sign. Haha.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday?

  1. I hope you’re at least still having fun with it. I’m currently planning a wedding for late August (not mine, obviously) and am right now in the ‘candy bar’ stage.

    • I wish I was! Anything fun I want just represents money out of my pocket or time and effort. Even a “cheap” wedding is more money than I’m used to spending.

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